Thursday, July 06, 2006

Yang Jwing-Ming's Two Person Set

Tomorrow I'm going to begin learning a two-person set for gim to supplement my study of the Yang form. Going through the Yang form is proving very helpful in my understanding of the gim, but I suspect expanding my base of experience by learning a two-person set will improve my overall understanding of the gim.
By seeing more permutations of sword movements and especially sword vs. sword movements, I should get more context from which I can derive and understand fighting applications.
What I don't know is where this two-person form comes from. John found it in his research in the back of a book by Yang Jwing-Ming. The two possible drawbacks are that YJM seems to be primarily a Northern Shaolin practitioner of White Crane Kung Fu, and that this form might have been invented by YJM. If it was invented, it's ideas of applications for the gim might be incompatible with the principles of the Yang form. We'll see...

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