Wednesday, June 28, 2006

But There are 13 Cuts...

Some of you may be confused why there are only eight deadly techniques in the Yang 13 Sword form. A brief amount of research will show you numerous lists that show that Yang sword is built on 13 fundamental cuts. Here's the thing: traditionalists have been very literal in their importation of the Chinese martial arts to the New World. While the literal translation of the names is 13 cuts, as we would understand it in English, these are not actually 13 ways to hurt your opponent. Of these, roughly four are what westerners would call blocks or parries. Of the remaining nine, one is a follow-on technique, much like a wind or transfer in western swordsmanship would follow a parry. That leaves eight actual attacks.
  1. Dian
  2. Chi
  3. Pi
  4. Chou
  5. Ge
  6. Ji
  7. Jie
  8. Jiao
  9. Dai (parry)
  10. Ti (parry)
  11. Beng (parry)
  12. Ya (parry)
  13. Xi (follow-on technique)

I call the moves techniques instead of cuts because the word technique is a little more flexible for the way I intend to use it when I break down the moves that I learn. I hope this keeps things clear!

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